If you are:

  • dedicated to your community
  • mature and responsible
  • looking for high school volunteer hours
  • or have family or friends in the race

Become a Race Day Volunteer!

To volunteer now or, for more information regarding volunteering, please email us.

Volunteer Roles:

Race Day Registration: responsible for getting runners signed up for our race! This involves processing same-day registration forms and payment for runners, teams, and families who did not register online.

Race Kit/T-Shirt Handouts: responsible for handing out swag to our runners! After runners show proof of registration, this involves handing out race kits and t-shirts to the runners.

Bag Check: responsible for keeping our runner’s belongings safe! This involves taking bags, purses, backpacks, etc. from the runners and keeping them in a secure location until the end of the race, when they are picked up by their owners.

Course Marshals: responsible for ensuring all runners stay on the race route. This involves notifying runners when to turn or change direction. Being able to offer encouragement to the runners and walkers is a great perk to this position!

Water Station Volunteers: responsible for helping our runners re-fuel during the race! This involves pouring water into cups and handing them to runners as they pass the table.

Food Table Volunteers: responsible for keeping our runners strong after the race! This involves handing out post-race food to runners, including fresh fruits, bagels, etc.

Please contact us at for more information or sign up for the event!  We will do our best to make this a wonderful experience!