1.If I register for the race will I be assured of a race shirt?Race t-shirts will be available for the first 500 registrants. T-shirt sizes cannot guaranteed if you register after May 2nd.
2.When can I pick up my bib and t-shirtRace t-shirts and bibs can be picked up at Foodland on either June 1st or June 2nd between 4:00pm – 7:00pm.
3.What items are not allowed on the course?The following items are not allowed on the race course:  Unauthorized bicycles, tricycles, scooters, skateboards, in-line skates, etc. Participants with wheelchairs are welcome to participate, however motorized chairs cannot be allowed on the course.
4.Are wheelchairs and baby strollers allowed on the course?Yes, but please position yourself towards the back of the group at the start.
5.Do I get a medal for finishing?Yes! All participants will receive a Finisher’s Medal.
6.Can I bring my dog?Well behaved dogs on leashes are allowed.
7.Can I walk some or all of the course or do you expect everyone to run?You are welcome to walk some or all of the course if you choose. But please remember that the course closes at 10:00 o’clock a.m. See FAQ #9.
8.How long can I take to run/walk the course?The course closes the earlier of the time when the last walker crosses the finish line and 90 minutes after the start, i.e. 10:00 a.m. After the course closes, support will be limited, and participants assume the role of pedestrians. Please note there will be a “rolling” re-opening of some roads once all participants have safely passed certain points on the race route.
9.How many people can register as a family and what results are the winning family based on?You can register 4 people as a “family” provided that one of the 4 is an adult family member. The “family” winner is based on the combined time of the 4 fastest registered family members. All 4 registered members of your family must finish to be eligible for the winning family prize.
10.How many people can register as a “team” and what results are the winning team based on?4 adults exactly must be registered to constitute a “team”. The “winning” team is based on the combined time of the 4 registered team members. All four members of your team must finish to be eligible for the winning team prize.
11.Can I receive more than one award, for example, the overall award and an award for first in my age group?
  • The male or female who wins the first overall award cannot win an award for first place in their age category or the award for first Mount Albert Resident.
  • Team and family members do participate at the individual level for overall and age group awards
12.What results are awards based on?Only runners are eligible for awards. All awards are based on “gun start time” as per IAAF, Athletics Canada, and Athletics Ontario standards.Gun start time – The gun starts the clock moving and all participants have the same start time, but their finish time is recorded by their chip when they cross the finish line.Chip start time is provided for personal interest and is recorded from the moment your chip crosses the start line to the moment it crosses the finish line.
13.If something comes up and I can’t make it to the race on race day, can I get my money back or defer my registration to next year, or transfer my registration to someone else?Registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
14.What happens if it rains on race day?
  • The race will start at 8:30 a.m. sharp, rain or shine.
  • We reserve the right to cancel if the weather is threatening.
  • There are no refunds if the race is cancelled.
15.Is there any “race etiquette” that I need to follow?Yes, thanks for asking. Following these suggestions will keep the race safe and a good experience for everyone:

Race Etiquette

  • Arrive early on race day, especially if you are picking up your race bib. Remember that there are many other people going through the same process; parking, baggage check, bathroom, etc.
  • Pin your race bib on your front so it is visible for race officials and photographers.
  • Line up based on how fast you plan to run or walk the event. Slower participants should position themselves at the back of the start group. Unless you are racing for an overall or age category award, please do not position yourself right on the start line.
  • If you are walking in a group, stay to the back of the pack at the start line and walk no more than two abreast.
  • Wheelchairs and baby strollers should line up at the back of the pack at the start line.
  • If you need to shed layers of clothing at the start of the race, tie them around your waist or put them on the side of the road where no one will trip over them. Note: we will collect all discarded clothing and donate it to charity.
  • Run or walk no more than two abreast.
  • If you want to pass someone, say “excuse me” or “on your left” and pass on the left.
  • If you hear someone say “excuse me” or “on your left”, move to the right and allow the person to pass without blocking their effort.

  • If you need to stop for any reason (tie your shoe, stretch, etc.), put your hand up to alert those behind you and move to the side of the road.

Water Station Etiquette

  • When approaching a water station, move to the side of the road, grab water and keep moving. Throw your used cup to the side of the road as close to the water station as possible. Drop your cup down by your waist so you don’t hit/splash another participant.

Finish Line Etiquette

  • As you approach the finish line, if you are listening to something on your headphones, please turn it off so that you can hear the instructions through the finish chute.
  • Follow the instructions of the race officials in the finish chute.
  • The course and finish area are closed for registered participants only. Please DO NOT bring your friends, family and/or children through the finish chute with you.
  • Once you have crossed the finish line be considerate of those behind you and keep moving forward until you exit the finish chute.
  • Plan to meet family and friends outside the finish chute at a predetermined location. The finish area is a very busy place; choose a specific location to meet. Do NOT plan to meet them within the finish chute; you will be asked to move along.

Please remember that our events are staffed by volunteers, but there is always a race official nearby. If you have ideas for improving an event or concerns you would like to address, share them with the race official in a positive and productive manner. Feedback is also much appreciated through our post-event surveys or by emailing us.